Gummarp Stone

‘Hǫþuwolfa[R] sætte staba þría: fff.’
‘Hǫþuwolf placed three staves: fff.’
‘[AftR] Hǫþuwolfa sætte staba þría: fff.’
‘[After] Hǫþuwolf three staves were placed: fff.’

The Gummarp Runestone (DR 358) was one of the related Blekinge stones, found not far from the Stentoften Runestone. It is either a magical formula, or a memorial stone, depending on the interpretation followed. Either way, the name recorded is the same as the one found on the Stentoften and Istaby stones.

The three F-runes likely invoke ‘fehu’ meaning ‘moveable property, livestock,’ as the J-rune reads ‘ár’ on the Stentoften stone.

Sadly, the stone was destroyed in the Copenhagen Fire of 1728 after having been brought from Sölvesborg in 1652.

The drawing is copied from the drawing of the now destroyed runestone found on with the runes amended to those reconstructed from the original drawing.

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