Ingvar Stones, Part V: Ärja

‘Ulfví ræisti stæin þenna at bróður sinn Ósníkin. Sár fórs austarla með Ingvari, skipari Holmstæins.’
‘Ulfví raised this stone after her brother Ósníkin. He perished in the east with Ingvar, Holmstæin’s crewman.’

The Ärja Runestone (Sö 335) is another commemoration to the dead of Ingvar’s journey. Raised nearly 30mi (50km) from the Tystberga Runestone (Sö 173), the man commemorated, Ósníkin, was a crewman on the ship of Holmstæin, the father of the raisers of the Tystberga Stone.

The female name ‘Ulfví’ (‘Wolf-Sanctuary’) is not known from elsewhere, and Ósníkin means ‘ungreedy,’ perhaps originating as a nickname, either his own, or an ancestor after whom he was named.

Photo: Sö 335, Ärja by Wikimedia User:Berig, CC BY-SA 3.0 / Link

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