Ingvar Stones, Part VI: Svinnegarn

‘Þjælfi auk Holmlaug létu ræisa stæina þessa alla at Banka, sun sinn, es átti æinn sér skip auk austr stýrði í Ingvars lið. Guð hjælpi and Banka. Ǽskill ræist.’
‘Thjælfi and Holmlaug had all these stones raised after Banki, their son, who alone owned his ship and steered east in Ingvar’s host. God help Banki’s soul. Ǽskil carved.’

The Svinnegarn Runestone (U 778), another inscription concerning Ingvar’s journey, is one of many carved by the runemaster Ǽskil. It is described as one of many, although this monument is now lost, and the stone now located at the local church. The family must have been one of descent wealth, with Banki described as ‘owning alone a ship for himself.’

Note that the name of the father is identical to that of Thor’s servant. A similar name, Thjælvar, is attested in ‘Guta saga,’ the Saga of the Gotlanders.

Photo: U 778, Svinnegarn by Wikimedia User:Berig, CC BY-SA 3.0 / Link