Stora Rytterne Stone

‘Guðléfr sætti staf ok sténa þæssi æftir Slagva, sun sinn, ændaðr austr í Karusm.’
‘Guđléf placed a staff and this stone after Slagvi, his son, [who] met his end east in Khwarazm.’

The Stora Rytterne Runestone (Vs 1) appears to commemorate a journey all the way to Khwarazm in modern Uzbekistan. If this interpretation is correct, it would be the furthest confirmed eastern journey by Viking Age Norsemen, roughly 5,000mi (8,000km) from the L’Anse aux Meadows site in Newfoundland, Canada.

Photos: Vs 1, Stora Rytterne and Vs 2, Stora Rytterne by Wikimedia User:Berig, CC BY-SA 3.0 / Link, Link

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