Berga Stone

‘Sværtingr auk Kári auk Guðmundr auk Skári auk Knútr ræistu stæin þenna æftir Ótrygg, faður sinn, es féll í liði Guðvés.’
‘Sværting and Kári and Guđmund and Skári and Knút raised this stone after Ótrygg, their father, who fell in Guđvér’s retinue.’

The Berga Runestone (Sö 217) is not a particularly notable inscription, its wording standard: naming the raisers, then the deceased, and then something about the deceased. But the deceased is said to have died ‘in Guđvér’s retinue,’ and Erik Brate has suggested that this Guđvér is one and the same as the Guđvér commemorated on the Grinda Runestone, 27mi (43km) to the south-west.

Photo: Sö 217, Berga by Wikimedia User:Berig, CC BY-SA 3.0 / Link

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